When men differ…

When men differ, both sides ought equally be heard by the public, for when truth and error have fair play, the former is always an overmatch for the latter.
Benjamin Franklin


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3 responses to “When men differ…”

  1. Tech Savvy says :

    To which I say, well, maybe… in Benjamin Franklin’s time.

    Today we have propaganda. It is raised to the level of hyperbole. People believe it. The ones who are in the minority are shouted down by those in the majority. People believe what they feel. There’s not much objectivity to it.

    I was on the Seattle Sounder with a young man who worked with producing and editing videos in a professional enterprise. I related to him what I found on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (without telling him where it was from) that up to 30% of air pollution in San Francisco was from Mainland China. His reaction was “No Way!”. End of discussion. He would not listen to another word I said the rest of the trip because he did not believe me, even though it is scientific and has been “proved” to be true.

    These days, people believe what makes them feel “right”. There isn’t much reliance on facts and data. Science is boring (unless it makes them feel good). Negative news you can prove will be rejected out of hand.

    This is one of the many and perhaps the main reason people stick with cults. You can (and have) proved logically and (occasionally) scientifically that what cult members believe is utter rubbish, but they stick with their distorted perception insanity: Fools only believe what they want to hear.

    So I’d like to believe what Benjamin Franklin said because it makes me feel good.

    Unfortunately, some where buried in my consciousness is a small sliver of honesty which has somehow managed to survive the onslaught from every side and I have to say that these days, the facts seem to indicate that lies are far more powerful than the truth (only because there are so very many people who support the liars).

  2. eSell says :

    Got a point there…I was wondering about the quote even as I put it up. I think I agreed with it most b/c in my personal experience that is exactly what happened: once I read the Other Side, I found that the Truth was the truth even though it hurt.

    But, yeah, some won’t accept the truth b/c they don’t want to, and some CAN’T accept the truth, let’s say on Economic or Environmental issues b/c they don’t fully understand the topic (Free Market or Not; Man-made Global Warming or Not).

    I’m beginning to feel like Pilate: What is Truth?

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