The skeptic is …

The skeptic is not passionately intent on converting mankind to his or her point of view and surely is not interested in imposing it on others, though he may be deeply concerned with raising the level of education and critical inquiry in society. Still, if there are any lessons to be learned from history, it is that we should be skeptical of all points of view, including those of the skeptics. No one is infallible, and no one can claim a monopoly on truth or virtue. It would be contradictory for skepticism to seek to translate itself into a new faith. One must view with caution the promises of any new secular priest who might emerge promising a brave new world—if only his path to clarity and truth is followed. Perhaps the best we can hope for is to temper the intemperate and to tame the perverse temptation that lurks within.

Paul Kurtz


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3 responses to “The skeptic is …”

  1. Tech Savvy says :

    The only reason we need to be skeptics is because people lie.

    Ever looked in to the Canadian Pharmacy scam? There’s a guy there who sells used plaster board as medicine.

    The bad thing is that there’s so much of this stuff going on that when someone does tell the truth with facts and uses science as proof, no one listens because opinion caps truth nearly every time, no matter how stupid or idiotic the opinion is.

    So we must remain skeptical for our own protection, lest we get bad pharms.

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