Generation RX

If anyone has read this blog much, you’ll know I’m fairly anti- anything that has to do with a conspiracy. I’m also fairly pro- modern medicine and science.

This video, however, has certainly made me think. Obviously, the world is run by people, and people can be (usually are) Corrupt and Evil. IF THIS VIDEO IS ACCURATE then this is certainly a prime example.

Of course, even if true, this does not mean I’m planning to eschew all science and medicine and start using Homeopathy and Tea for all my illnesses; but if true it is a good example of the need to be skeptical–why are ADD rates hundreds of times higher in the US than other developed Western nations?

I’m hoping for a fair bit of discussion on this one…


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5 responses to “Generation RX”

  1. Black Ops Mikey says :

    It was a real challenge to find the time to watch the one hour 21 minute movie (which could limit discussion for some). I found some reasons in the presentation for skepticism.

    First of all, as Silenced pointed out, correlation is not causation. The National Institute of Mental Health indicates that 90% of all suicides are caused by depression. The question is, were the suicides in this case a result of taking prescribed medication or was it caused by an underlying depression? Did the medication cause the depression? Can we definitively say that the medications caused the suicides? Perhaps they did. Where’s the proof? It is easy to be emotional and look for cause and effect, but do we really know anything?

    And to that point, as I attended the hope and recovery conferences, it made clear by the speakers that the pharmaceutical companies have no idea how their medications work. To them, the brain is a black box where the things that go on inside are a complete mystery. They take groups of people, do studies administering the medicines and correlate the results. It was made clear that for any particular mental disorder (such as schizophrenia), no one medicine could be used to treat all patients as a “magic bullet”. There were percentages of people that would be helped by one medication but it didn’t help others with the same maladies. Statistics were used to determine the most viable treatment.

    Moreover, it was not until the 1990s that psychiatrists knew enough about the brain to determine what exactly schizophrenia really was.

    How does that make you feel?

    Pharmaceutical companies have been less than stellar in their ethical behavior. They have been known to patent a patient’s DNA right out from underneath them without having been granted rights. This is all part of the picture from the video documentary “The Corporation” (well worth having as a resource, particularly if you are a skeptic) which sells the idea that Corporations are psychopaths. Dr. Robert Hare registered in with that one and has since tried to take it back, but, Doctor, there are no do-overs here. Indeed, Corporations seem to have the profile of a psychopath: Lack of Empathy, no conscience, games playing, poor behavioral controls. It should be noted that at least since the 1990s, government has adopted the worst of the corporate model and implemented it badly. It is natural, then, to assume that Government and the Corporate World are up to it together when they engage in bad behavior.

    The DSM-5 came out this year and it did not fail to disappoint: The criteria for diagnoses came in quite favorably for the Pharmaceutical companies, especially when it came to the diagnoses for which the Pharmaceutical companies had magic potions to dispense for an ungainly price. The video was wrong, though: The DSM is not used for billing — the ICD CM is. I have the 2010 ICD-10-CM

    • Black Ops Mikey says :

      draft and it contains all the billing codes commonly in use for medical treatments. It has a great deal more than just defined mental disorders, even though they are a significant subset.

      I blame the United States lawyers of the 1920s who got the laws pushed through to create the legal fiction that a corporation is a legal person in order to limit liability for the owners. We’ve seen what happens when there’s significant manipulation without any controls in the financial meltdown of 2008 (a great video to see is “Inside Job”).

      The goal of the corporation is to maximize profit. Is it a conspiracy by the pharmaceutical companies to collude with psychiatrists in order to make excessive profits by selling needless psychotropic drugs to children? Maybe. But then, it’s just plain greed and maybe they aren’t so much cooperating with one another than finding ways to exploit opportunities before them. In any event, these activities are not particularly moral or ethical if they are legal.

      The parents of the children who have ADHD have told me that their children are just fine unless they get into foods that have certain things in them. Sugar can have them swinging from the chandeliers in blink of an eye. If this is really the case, perhaps we should look to the cola companies for causing problems in children which conveniently have solutions in noxious potions form pharmaceutical companies. The aspartame in diet Coke renders all the symptoms claimed as side effects for the pharmaceuticals including, but not restricted to, blurry vision, headaches, disorientation, dizziness, excessive thirst, loss of memory, confusion…. This is part of the reason for the current slump in sales of diet colas — people don’t like the side effects.

      The over all assessment of the video is that it brings forth disturbing facts which should lead to greater control and oversight of the pharmaceutical companies. The question is, who’s going to do it? The FDA? The FDA can’t even get the issues on walnuts right. The fox is guarding the chicken coop — corporate hacks invade the government for favorable treatment of their market segment, whether it is financial institutions or pharmaceutical companies. It leads to the diminishment of the individual and to death. They are out of control. Does the water where you live burst into flames from fracking pollution? Our government was supposed to protect us, but with all that money, how is it possible to convince those in public office that it is their self-interest to refuse bribes and resist the lobbyists?

      There is a great deal about to be skeptical. Believing in the natural goodness of people in the presence of strong temptation is one of them.

  2. Black Ops Mikey says :

    The ICD stands for the International Classification of diseases and the CM stands for Clinical Modification.

    The current standard is the ICD-10-CM and is used in almost all medical billing. Every disease and malady you can imagine is covered there — but if it isn’t, it cannot be billed.

  3. eSell says :

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, I know that an hour and a half can be hard to find time for–that is part of the reason it took me a while to watch this after it was first recommended to me.

    And yes, that is a good question–do the drugs perform poorly and cause the suicide of depressed individuals, or were the drugs simply not able to help enough to prevent the suicide of depressed individuals? But in the case of Ritalin, etc, I think it was claimed that the “ADHD” children were not depressed before being put on the stuff, but became suicidally depressed afterwards (if I remember the video well enough).

    So, in this case, I think Correlation DOES Imply Causation–it doesn’t PROVE it, but as an XKCD comic mentioned, it certainly winks suggestively…

    You clearly have a lot of knowledge on this topic–10x or 20x more than me, so I’ll take it as a good sign that you share in the skepticism of the video.

    “The Corporation” sounds interesting and I’ll look at it soon(-ish). I’ve been wanting to look at Economics stuff more, anyway. I tend to think that Regulation of the economy (of corporations) is a good idea and that it doesn’t necessarily mean “communism”. I find it hard to believe, though, that the whole “Corporations are People” came as early as the 1920s! The first I had heard of it was in the last few years…I’ll start on the research and have something maybe for January.

    • Douglas Becker says :

      As always, I advise caution and due skepticism concerning what opinions I bring to blog postings. I do try my best to bring objective facts to the table, but I do make mistakes from time to time.

      My advice is to work it through, check things out as best you can for yourself and certainly come to your own conclusions.

      I only hope that whatever I bring to the table will prompt additional thoughts, epiphanies and some “Aha!” moments.

      Your blog has been very instructive and has prompted some material changes in the way I approach things. Your research is most impressive. You have set a very fine example very much worth incorporating into our lives.

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