Dr. Oz and the Senate Hearing

Wow, someone making loads of money selling bogus weight-loss products. How unsurprising. What IS surprising (to me, anyway) is that so many seem so very surprised by it. “Why would you do this?” asks Sen. McCaskill from Missouri. Ye$, I wonder why.

But why does it make so many people rich to sell bogus weight loss? Because, as Simon and Garfunkel said, “a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest“. That’s why it is important to be skeptical and not engage in wish-thinking. How do you lose weight? Consume fewer calories than you take in. You don’t have to eat dramatically less, but you have to start doing more. Are there foods or products that will help with this? Undoubtedly. But when you’re hoping that a “magic bullet” will do all the work for you, that is wish-thinking.

While I’m happy that he is getting a chewing for knowingly selling bogus goods, yet he is not the only one to blame–not by a long-shot.

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One response to “Dr. Oz and the Senate Hearing”

  1. Black Ops Mikey says :

    I don’t know when everything went wrong, but somewhere along the way, the people we should have been able to trust have become unreliable, not to say untrustworthy. Most of us are getting ripped off these days and Corporations which used to be reliable fifty years ago or even last week have suddenly disavowed their foundational “Our Principles” a la “Moral Mazes” by Robert Jackal and “Snakes in Suits” by Dr. Paul Babiak and Dr. Robert Hare to become psychopaths, devoid of conscience, devoid of empathy and games playing. Witness the world wide 2008 financial meltdown where the sons of Generation Zero complained to Congressional committees that they did what they did because “No one stopped us”. Quite the statement considering that the Governmental overview agencies were headed by the former CEOs and Directors of the financial institutions which caused the meltdown and influenced legislation and regulations to permit the financial scam.

    So we should, in theory, be able to trust scientists, but given the emails detailing the deceptions scientists were perpetuating about global warming, trust is contraindicated. Likewise, the NSA is collecting full text of emails of anyone talking about using the TOR browser:


    GM is finally addressing problems with their vehicle switches only after the government has had hearings.

    It kind of looks like, just like cults we have dealt with, the principals will continue to do whatever they can get away with until they are called on it.

    So now it’s our Doctors, like, you know, Dr. Oz — as in the Wizard of Oz. Don’t look behind the curtain. Just trust him. Yeah right.

    So now it is incumbent upon each one of us to adopt skepticism in order to avoid scams by the narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, cons, nut jobs, the weird and creepy and the borderline.

    By the way, I’ve been getting calls from somebody that claims that they’re from Microsoft (which they aren’t) and that my computer has been infected and it needs help ($299 worth, as it turns out). I googled the number while on the telephone and read the statements to the caller about how his company tried to scam people. Without loosing a beat, he continued to insist that I had a problem — just look in my windows log and see how many warnings there are — and that he was there to help me. This kept up for a half hour during which I thoroughly trashed him, told him to never call again and hung up. It was hard to understand him because of his thick India English accent anyway. I had a headache just listening to him. I keep getting calls from this group every other week or two and even Paypal has nixed them from getting any payments.

    The scams just never end.

    Sometimes, though, the government does come through and at least warns us… sometimes….

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