The Perpetual Skeptic believes in the power of the Question–its power to overthrow entrenched interests, and to liberate minds. Yes, the Question holds great power, for it is the thing that all Dictators and Dogmatists hate and attempt to crush. It is the goal of this modest blog to use the power of the Question to illuminate obfuscation,  and just generally to bring out to public view hidden gems of wisdom and knowledge if it can.

I have my views and opinions but I do not hold those as dogma–feel free to question! If a post can be the springboard for a lively discussion, then that post has succeeded. Boldly bring forth your questions and comments that we may all discuss and benefit!

5 responses to “About”

  1. Mikey for President says :

    This is a site that could go places, Eric. So few question the “Authority” which comes at us from all directions. Dr. Phil McGraw, in his book, “Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World” points out that we just can’t give people the benefit of the doubt any more. It’s less paranoid than he makes it sound, but people are “out to get you”. Too many people want to rip you off. At minimum, being a skeptic should act as a first defense against what he calls the BAITERs: Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters, Reckless.

    Then too, there’s that disturbing 2008 survey painting American Adults and Students as science morons. Hey, the earth does have a molten core. While skeptics do and should question science (there are more refinements every day), they all need to question cultists of every stripe, whether religious, corporate, academic or governmental.



    I become more a skeptic every day.

    However, at your age, I’d say wait awhile become a curmudgeon like me (think Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes). Unless, of course, you’d like to become a surly snarky curmudgeon too. It has its downside but it has its advantages.

    Being a skeptic and having a solid background in science gives you a significant advantage.

    No worries about opposition: It’s an indicator of your success — the more people hate what you’re saying, the greater the chance you stand on solid ground.

    Or so it would seem.

    Have faith in being a skeptic and asking questions.

    It’s the last faith you will ever need.

    • eSell says :

      Thanks, Mikey! Yeah, I think I’ll wait a while before becoming an atheist Andy Rooney (or being like Casey on his grumpy days…or like HOUSE…LOL). If nothing else, I’m hoping to get some ideas across to folks, and being Grumpy Bear kind of makes that hard (which is why I won’t post a link to Tim Minchin’s “Thank You God” song even though I personally feel that Tim is genius…it is a fairly inflammatory ditty).

      I have two big articles (I know they’re called “Posts”, but I guess I’m stuck in the Publishing world) in the works–one big article a month, at least! For filler, I put up skepticism related quotes and the like.

      We’ll see where it goes–hopefully there can be some good debates/conversations!

  2. tmezpoetry says :

    You have a wonderful mind Eric- the exploration, search for the depth, the way you can articulate things… I truly hope you continue your gift with us more often and purge the silences.

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