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Foundational Beliefs

I saw a news article today that got my skeptical juices flowing once more. It was a story about a clerk in Indiana who was refusing marriage licenses to homosexual couples because “the US was founded on the biblical principle of one man and one woman in marriage”.

There are two things wrong with that statement, and those two things get down to some foundational beliefs many have. This is a perfect example of how ignorance (not stupidity, simply “a lack of knowledge or information”) perpetuates prejudice and gives it “authority”. Read More…

Show Me

Note: This is an older post I wrote offline when this site was still in planning stages. It is no longer a “timely” post, as I was wanting it to be. Some things cannot be avoided. But just because it isn’t timely doesn’t mean I don’t like it. As for the subject of this post, the Amendment to the Missouri Constitution I write about has been passed.

We here at the Perpetual Skeptic tend to be skeptical. In true form, I am skeptical of this article I read in HuffPo concerning a proposed amendment to the Missouri State Constitution.┬áNo, not skeptical about the content, but rather skeptical about the issue. Read More…