Think Critically

What he said...

What he said…

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4 responses to “Think Critically”

  1. Black Ops Mikey says :

    Unfortunately, it takes honesty to do that and honesty is in short supply these days.

    In the meantime, we can continue to pursue wishful thinking and continue to assume that the world is a better place than it is without having to take a hard look at our part in making the world less than it could be otherwise if only we had the discipline to do what he said. Not to worry, everything will turn out OK anyway through some magic we haven’t foreseen yet.

    Especially the choices we made to elect our leaders and the reasons we made those choices.

    The easy way, without considering the long term consequences: It’s all good; win-win.

  2. Douglas Becker says :

    My cat has just updated to something really new and different.

    Just thought you’d appreciate a head’s up.

    He’s having a little trouble with new technology, so he will eventually link to your site… again.

  3. eSell says :

    Awesome! I’ve been wondering if he was just sleeping and playing with string all day instead of working on his site…I’ll come take a peek!

    • Douglas Becker says :

      Mikey not play with string — he requires full rope. Mikey sleep at night; maybe circadian rhythm based on Russian time zone.

      He busy; learned new technology for site; trying to make regeneration movie; setting up new sites.

      May want to check out Robots that lie — new prospects for politicians!

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